Bible Chapel was born in 1938 in downtown Auburn as Auburn Gospel Tabernacle. The church was moved to our current location in 1968, where the name was changed to Bible Chapel.

Bible Chapel’s mission has been to proclaim God’s glory in the gospel of Jesus Christ to its Auburn community and the world. We are a non-denominational evangelical congregation that is essentially reformed in doctrine. What we mean by essentially reformed is that we believe in and teach the doctrines of the reformation such as justification by faith alone and the doctrines of grace, but we do not teach some common reformed doctrines such as infant baptism.

We are also a continuationist church which is a theological way of saying that we believe that the gifts of the Spirit continue to function today the same way they functioned in the New Testament. We value expository preaching and, while we occasionally do a sermon series, we will spend the majority of our time working through books of the Old and New Testaments.

We also seek to serve families by providing a nursery, Sunday School, Youth Group (SOS).

The Mission of Bible Chapel is in the power of the Holy Spirit to make passionate followers of Jesus Christ of the people of Auburn, Washington and beyond.